“Dio has helped me overcome many challenges in my career. He reminds me that when I am performing well to visualize and stay focused on my goals. But also, when I am not performing as well I as would like, to reexamine my goals and see what can be changed—if any, to work through the frustration. “I’ve learned that frustration happens. It’s how you overcome it that will make you stronger.” 
Marc Rzepczynski, Seattle Mariners 

“Working with a sports psychologist this year helped me gain the mental strength I needed to achieve a national championship. Before my national meet I knew I was going to be ‘physically prepared’ but I compete against top recruits in the country and at times get nervous and lose my confidence. My track coach suggested I meet with our sports psychologist which I did at least two times a week for two months straight. What I learned was that it is important to get my mental reps in—of seeing myself being successful–in practice, every single day! After two months of consistent mental training I had complete confidence in myself and when I won the National Championship I knew that the mental part of my training was the key.” 
Vesta Bell, Indoor National Champion, Track & Field 

“One of the most important things I learned this year in working with a sport psychologist is that ‘routine and process’ are everything. Focusing on my routine and keeping it the same between every pitch allowed me to maintain comfort and control throughout my at-bats. Focusing on the process allowed to take something positive out of failure and elevate my game.” 
Jenna Curtain, 1st Team Big West Conference, Softball 

“One of the most profound things I learned working with a sports psychologist is that failure should not be viewed as something to be avoided but seen as feedback. Now instead of failure being defeating and negative it allowed to see what I need to improve on. I believe this is one of the things that definitely helped me contribute to our team’s Big West Championship this year!” 
Sam Gillis, Big West Golf Championship Team 

“If there’s anyone who knows how to connect with an athlete and push them to succeed physically, emotionally, & mentally it’s Dio. Dio has taught me that I have the keys to my own success and with him by my side I have been able to reach that success.” 
Raquel Hefflin, Big West Cross-Country Conference Champion 

“Dio Saucedo was extremely influential to my collegiate athletic career. He helped me to understand the connection between the mind and success. My collegiate sport was track & field. After my 2010 season I became discouraged and could not understand why my work ethic did not match my success. During summer training following that season I expressed my disappointment with Dio who told me he could help. I committed to speak with Dio regularly during my 2011 season and by the end of that year I was a conference champion. Performance anxiety was preventing me from achieving my goals and Dio helped me to identify and remove it from my life. He taught me practical skills that I could not only apply to my sport but to the rest of my life. I could not be more thankful for having met Dio Saucedo. He truly knows his stuff.” 
Nikki James, Conference champion, UCR Track & Field


“I’ve known Dio for over 15 years… His practical approach to mental performance and wealth of experience will no doubt help you improve as a coach or athlete.” 
Josh Everett, Navy Seals Strength Coach & Crossfit Games Finalist 

“I am a firm believer that mental training enhances performance; with that belief comes the implementation process. In my mind there is no one better than my friend Dr. Dio Saucedo when it comes to getting the most out of a team. My 2009 State Championship team were beneficiaries of such training. Dio took them weekly through training techniques from September through March and helped our guys develop routines to deal with adversity in a confident manner. In my 20 years of coaching, our 4 years working with Dio were by far our most successful years.” 
John Smith, Associate Head Coach Cal State Fullerton 

“Dio worked specifically with our staff and players weekly throughout the 2015 season. He helped facilitate goal setting, leadership development and overall improved our team’s mental toughness. Our athletes and staff embarked on a record breaking historic season in our 14year DI history and I truly believe Dio’s workshops had a direct correlation to our success.” 
Linda Garza, Head Softball Coach, Fresno State/UC Riverside (formerly) 

“I have known Dio for more than 30 years. During my coaching career at UCR we worked extensively with Dio. He was a tremendous asset for me personally as well as our team. He helped us develop a plan for success and then helped us adapt & adjust it during the year. He challenged us to think in a better & more productive way.” 
Doug Smith, Former UCR Head Men’s Baseball Coach 

“Dr. Saucedo helped me tremendously as a coach in the area of sport psychology. At UC Riverside I was able to utilize a lot of his advice and teachings in helping my student-athletes take their on-field performance to a national level. Today, I still call upon the knowledge I learned from my sessions with Dr. Saucedo in order to help my student-athletes gain a competitive edge.” 
Andrew Basler, Assistant Track and Field Coach, Central Michigan University 

“I have used Dio more than several times over the past 8 years. Each time he is very professional and gets to the heart of the issue. He has a wonderful personality that my athletes seemed to open up to. He has also presented at several of my summer camps where he teach the basics of “getting your best performance”. He is an exceptional listener and seems to be able to get to the issue without being a lecturer. In short, he makes everyone feel comfortable.” 
Sue Nesbitt, Synchronized Swim Team Coach, Riverside Aquettes 

“Dio does a great job teaching kids how to mentally deal with obstacles on and off the field. He teaches what us coaches want our guys know, but we don’t usually have the time or knowhow.” 
Estevan Valencia, Head Men’s Baseball Coach, Redlands High School 

“Dio has installed a positive mindset for my players by providing them with the tools mentally to compete. My players now visualize their goals everyday and are playing the game at a higher level.” 
Jason Klug, Head Men’s Baseball Coach, Norte Vista High School 

“Dio has helped our boys understand the importance and power of the mental game. Our program has seen immediate results from his approach!” 
George Wise, Head Men’s Baseball Coach, Centennial High School 

“The mind is an intricate and complex operation. And it can either enhance your skills or hinder your performances with unnecessary roadblocks and hurdles . . . Dio’s presentation reduces the complexities to simple easy-to-understand components and drills. From the young, raw, novice athlete who is just starting to understand his or her physical gifts to the seasoned, polish experienced veteran who has been performing under the brightest of lights – Dio can reach any and all levels of performers and teachers if you follow his simple mental training drills . . .  Practice the mental training skills and drills and you will be amazed.”
Tony DiThomas – 37 years of coaching at the high school and community college level 

“I remember vividly learning concepts from Dio during my career! They helped me perform well on the court, but were more important in my life. I was able to translate what I learned and apply it to everyday life. Dio taught me effective mental strategies that have helped me deal with adverse situations and have prepared me for a successful business in sports. Now, I am the president of the youth organization, DTermined Athletics, and I stress these concepts to my athletes. Thanks, Dio, for your commitment and knowledge you have instilled into me. You are a very vital part of my success!”
Dashaun Thomas, President, DTermined Athletics 

“Due to a combination of circumstances, our football program has struggled to overcome a pervasive lack of confidence and focus. After meeting Dio at an AD’s conference, I invited him to meet with our second-year football staff. Our coaches were very receptive of his message, and have applied many of his suggestions towards cultivating a stronger mental culture along with the physical work we were already putting in. While we have yet to get to our next season, there is already a marked difference in attentiveness and mental adaptability on the practice field and in team meetings.” 
Brandon Colbrunn, Fontana High School Athletic Director 

“I can’t thank Dio enough for the ‘awesome’ message he delivered to my athletic leadership kids this year. It was absolutely perfect and has inspired us all year long. I am ‘positive’ that we will have him back again!” 
Matt Maeda, San Gorgonio High School Athletic Director 

I’ve known Dio since our High School days in Riverside as rival athletes. We then reconnected while I was coaching at UC Riverside where he helped our athletes understand that mental preparation was just as important—if not more, than physical preparation to create a true champion. When I became the Athletic Director at Rubidoux High school I invited Dio to speak to our coaching staff. Dio created an ongoing game plan to develop mental strategies required for success for my administration, coaches, parents and student-athletes. I strongly recommend if you are trying to reach that next level with your business, program, school, or child then add Dr. Saucedo to your team!” 
Ed Luna, Rubidoux High School Athletic Director 

“I brought Dio to my school and the results were amazing. Coaches began to think outside the box, and began to strengthen the inner athlete. Ideas of mental toughness and a word to get the athlete focused on the task at hand were key components of Dio’s presentation. Dio not only gave us ideas of how to strengthen the athlete but create mental toughness and focus. This was not only for athletes but coaches as well.” 
Tracy Edmondson, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Eleanor Roosevelt HS


“Dio, beyond being very entertaining and fun, was extremely inspirational and has motivated our staff to aspire to better communication in both their professional and personal relationships. We would highly recommend him as a speaker for your company’s next motivational meeting.”
Craig Merrihew, Owner Canyon Crest Dental 

“Dr. Dio energized and reinvigorated my staff. He broke down simple strategies in everyday work and personal life that can help create vision & success. I loved his passion & knowledge! He has that unique ability to connect with people at different levels. We’ve had great positive energy in our business since his talk. Highly recommend!” 
Omar Zaki/President/Principal Agent, Zaki & Associates Insurance Agency 

“Dr. Saucedo’s seminar helped me discover key aspects of mental toughness that gave me the tools to break through to a higher level of performance.” 
Richard Alvarez, Owner Crossfit Riverside 

“Our experience with Dio has transformed the means by which we go about our day-to-day business. He asked us what does our environment say to you? It’s what you project that determines how successful you will be. We were reminded that it’s the fundamental things that we do differently that makes a difference. Don’t focus on the OUTCOME. Focus on the PROCESS. Don’t let what you can’t do get in the way of what you CAN do.” 
Todd Mason, Territory Sales Leader, US Colonial Life– California South Coast/West Territories 

“Thank you Dio for presenting your “three step” program to our dental office. Each employee appreciated the insight regarding how their attitude or mood affects those around them. Your session reinforces our goal to provide a comfortable, pleasant environment for our patients and staff. The presentation was “outstanding” and we look forward to following up with another session in the future.” 
Carlos & Laurie Rivas, Rancho Dental Group 

“Dio helps people reach their potential by helping them to seek purpose in what they do. In his seminars he teaches the power of setting & visualizing goals and how to tap into the power that lies deep within the mind to be successful in anything you wish to accomplish.” 
Sergio Salazar Perez, Owner Crossfit Moreno Valley & Crossfit Games Regional Qualifier 

“Dr. Saucedo is one of the most talented sports consultants I have had the privilege to work with. His methods produce results and he genuinely cares about the athletes he works with.” 
Jason Salyer, Human Performance Specialist, Navy Contractor 

“To this day I still utilize some of the skills and techniques Dio instilled in me during my playing days at RCC where we won the State championship. From playing professionally in Japan to my current office job, I found that his visualization and breathing exercises are beneficial for any situation or circumstance. The way Dio connected with our team made a lasting impression and I can’t thank him enough for everything he did for us! 
Danny Redmond, Recruiting/Hiring Manager, Former Collegiate Basketball Player 

“Dio was a success at my box. Our Crossfit Competition team utilized his expertise,  just in time before the 2017 Crossfit Open Season. Dio helped install positive mindsets for my members and competitive team members. He provided us with very unique mental tools, that are applicable not only in a fitness setting but in our everyday lives. We are now better equipped in our visualization skills, goal setting, and positive self talk that aims to aid us in reaching our daily goals set for ourselves. Thank you Dio for your commitment to both our Box, as well as our team. Thank you for continuing to challenge ourselves to live better lives.”                                                                Candace Ulibarri, Crossfit Evermore Owner & Competitor 

“Dio thank you very much for your excellent presentation to the Exchange Club of Magnolia Center. You got everyone engaged! Your topic on enhancing human performance was very intriguing.” 
Dan Yee, Former President, Exchange Club

Music/ Entertainers

“Dio and his methods, as they relates to the field of performance anxiety, have helped me as a musician, announcer, public speaker, and educator. I would recommend anyone to take a session from Dio as you can apply many of his techniques in everyday life. These techniques have not only brought me more confidence in myself but I have also used them to make my ensembles perform stronger. Dio’s passion for performance and education inspires me to this day!” 
Tony Soto, Instrumental Music Director, San Clemente High School 

“Dr. Dio Saucedo brings a delightful approach and insight regarding ‘Performance Anxiety’ gained from his years as both an athlete and a world-class touring musician. He challenges his audience through examples and exercises delivered with a delightful sense of humor! I will continue to bring him back to my classes at the University of La Verne.” 
Reed Gratz, Professor of Music and department chair at the University of La Verne