What i do

“Educate, Motivate, Elevate” 


Dr. Dio offers a variety of presentations and workshops for athletes, coaches, parents,  business professionals, artists, and educators. This information is provided in an interactive format to stimulate “question-asking” thinking and to promote & encourage immediate application of core principles. Depending on the needs of the audience, Dr. Dio can personalize each presentation and deliver a message that focuses on the key mental concepts he has observed most, if not all, elite performers utilize on a daily basis to physically perform at their best, including how: 

- “Choosing” to have the right mindset can significantly impact performance 
- Developing performance “routines” can increase comfort, control & confidence 
- Regularly maintaining a “toolbox” of mental strategies can decrease stress, anxiety, fear and failure. 

One-Time Single Group Presentation 

The basic format for Dr. Dio’s presentations include a 1 to 1 ½ hour discussion of key mental strategies for improving performance on-the-field or in-the-workplace. This is followed by a 30-45 minute “questions and answers” session with audience members. 

Specific concepts discussed during this session, include: 

- How what you think and project impacts not only your behavior but others in a big way 
- How setting one simple daily goal can easily create a mindset that motivates you to improve performance accountability.
- How understanding the science behind visualization techniques can increase the number of successful experiences you choose to have in a given day 
- How learning to control your breathing and negative thoughts can provide the mental tools you need to perform under pressure

The Q & A Session

When requested, Dr. Dio will use the “question and answers” session as an opportunity to engage coaches, owners, leaders, and supervisors in a discussion of leadership & management, .e.g., what their core principles are, how they implement them, who provides them with “constructive feedback,” and much more. 

The questions and answers sessions can also be used as an opportunity for athletes, staff members, or employees to discuss effective mental strategies that can be used to deal with specific challenges on-the- field or in-the- workplace. 


Dr. Dio is available to conduct 4-hour workshops that focus on the key characteristics of performance enhancement described above. During these workshops you will learn how to: 

- Ask the right questions that lead to effective goal setting 
- Create detailed, positive, successful mental images 
 -Practice a variety of breathing strategies designed to regulate your breathing 
- Develop simple techniques for reducing/eliminating negative thoughts and thinking 

In these workshops you will also be provided with information that enhances your understanding of excellence. These topics include: 

- Establishing a working definition of excellence 
- Understanding the importance of situational awareness for improving performance 
- Developing awareness of how we communicate—nonverbal versus verbal communication and how this relates to performance 
- Learning how to decrease arousal & increase relaxation to enhance performance 
- Improving focus and concentration to deal with adverse conditions 
- Recognizing how mental toughness can be cultivated to overcome challenging situations 

At the end of each workshop, Dr. Dio will guide you through a step-by- step practice of the “3-minute drill” that can be used to improve your daily performance. The 3-minute drill is a simple mental strategy that incorporates key principles discussed in the workshop, including: proper goal setting, detailed visualization, and controlled breathing. 

Worksheets and additional reading materials will also be made available so that key principles discussed in the workshop can be practiced and reviewed daily. 

Individual Sessions 

Individual sessions are available upon request. Sessions are for 1 hour and can be conducted in-person, over-the- phone, or via skype sessions. 

Rates for group, workshops, or individual sessions are available upon request. 

Speaking Topic Samples 


-Developing effective mental strategies to       maximize performance in competitive   environments 
-Key tips for developing optimum mental   performance 
-Developing the appropriate mindset of the   day for the workout of the day 
-The mental aspects of performance for            effective leadership 

-Developing effective mental strategies to   maximize performance in the workplace 
-Effective mental strategies to enhance   performance while reducing stress in a highly demanding work environment. 

-Effective Mental Strategies for Performing in Pressure Situations


-Applied excellence: learning how to apply effective mental skills strategies to enhance everyday performance in the classroom

-The ultimate performer: tips and strategies for reducing stress and anxiety for teachers and staff in the public schools

Let's work together

Performer's Assist offers individual, group, text & phone consultations. 

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