PhD. University of California at Riverside 
School of Education 

M.A., University of Wisconsin at Madison 
School of Education 

B.A., University of Redlands, California 
Psychology Department


Student-Athlete Leadership Mentor, UCR 2017-2012 
UCR Athletic Department, Riverside CA 

Student-Athlete Academic Counselor, UCR 2011-2007 
UCR Athletic Department, Riverside CA 

University of California, Riverside 2018 
“Key Characteristics of Elite Performers” 

University of California, Riverside 2015 
“Key Characteristics of Elite Performers” 

University of California, Riverside 2014 
“Intro to Sports Psychology” 

University of California, Riverside 2013 
“Applied Sports Psychology” 

California State University, Fullerton 2011-2001 
“Cultural Diversity in Public Schools” 

University of California, Riverside   2010-2008 
“Principles of Healthful Living” 

California Baptist University, Riverside 2003-2002 
“Behavioral Aspects of Sport” 

Riverside Community College 2002 
“Career Exploration & Life Planning” 

Riverside Community College 2001 
“College Success Strategies”

guest speaking

Riverside County Superintendents Annual Staff Meeting  2018   

Key-Note Speaker: Inland Empire Baseball Coaches Association 2018

Midland Elementary Teachers Staff Presentation 2018                                    "Performing Under Pressure"

North High School Leadership Groups 2018/2017 

Riverside Sandlot Baseball & Softball Camp 2018                                               "Effective Sports Parenting"

Canyon Crest Lions Club Speaker Series 2017/2015/2013 
“Characteristics of excellence in business” 

UC Riverside School of Medicine 2016/2014 
“Performing under pressure” 

UC Riverside Academic Resource Center 2013 
“Key characteristics of effective tutoring” 

UC Riverside—Trio Scholar Programs 2012 
“Excellence in education” 

Riverside Community College Music department 2010/2008 
“The psychology of peak performance” 

UC Riverside African Student Programs 2010/2009 
“Characteristics of good leadership” 

CS Fullerton Music Department 2008 
“The psychology of performance” 

CS Fullerton Athletic Department 2008 
“Critical elements of performance: goal setting, visualization & relaxation techniques for 
optimum performance”


 North High School Athletic Dept 2019/2018                                                         UC Riverside Baseball 2019/2018                                                                               Grand Terrace High School Baseball 2019/2018                                              San Clemente High School Music Dept 2018/2017                                          Riverside Community College Baseball 2018 
Palm Springs High School Baseball 2018 
Cal State Fullerton Men's Basketball 2017                                               Orange County Magic Basketball Academy 2017 
Determined Basketball Camp, 2017 
Cal State Northridge University Women’s Softball 2017 
Redlands High School Baseball 2017 
Centennial High School Baseball 2017 
Norte Vista High School Baseball 2017 
Palm Springs High School Baseball 2017 
Desert Springs High School Baseball 2017 
Grand Terrace High School Competitive Cheer Squad 2017 
Crossfit Evermore Regional Competition Team Riverside 2017 
Inland Empire 1st Annual “Victory with Honor” Symposium 2017 
Fresno State University Women’s Softball 2016 
Fresno State University Equestrian Team 2016 
Cal Baptist University Men’s Basketball 2016 
Inland Empire Athletic Directors Conference 2016 
Indian Springs High School Football 2016 
San Gorgonio High School Leadership Group 2016 
Canyon Crest Dental Riverside 2016 
Allstate Insurance Riverside 2016 
UCR School of Medicine 2016 
Orange County Magic Basketball Academy 2016/2015 
Riverside Fire Captains Leadership Seminar 2015 
Chino High School Basketball 2015 
Poly High School Basketball 2015 
USKO Martial Arts Center 2015 
Canyon Crest Athletic Club Staff 2015 
University of LaVerne Music Department 2015/2014 
Crossfit Kratos 2015 
Crossfit Riverside 2014 
Crossfit Moreno Valley 2014 
Citrus Belt Area Athletic Directors Association Conference 2014 
Riverside Fire Department—Stations 1, 3, & 6 2014 
Rubidoux High School AVID Program 2014 
Inland Empire Athletic Directors Association Conference 2014 
Colonial Life Insurance 2013 
RCC Men’s Basketball 2013-2006 
Toyota of Riverside 2012/2011 
Riverside Synchronized Swim team 2009/2007